If your order contains firearms and/or ammunition, we will require your PAL information to complete the order. You will be able to enter these details on the checkout page.

Your PAL information can be stored in your account so that it does not have to be re-entered every time.

If there is a RESTRICTED firearm in your order, we will also require your CLUB and CITY OF BIRTH.

  • In Ontario, a club membership is NOT required to complete a transfer. Put “Looking” in the club field upon checkout.
  • In all other provinces, a club membership is required.
  • Please provide the CITY OF BIRTH that you submitted on your PAL application. It must be entered exactly as submitted to avoid delays.

For certain high-ticket, non-firearm/ammunition items, you may be prompted for your PAL information as well. This is applied and used strictly internally for fraud prevention. For more information on this policy, we welcome you to contact us by phone or e-mail.


Firearms and ammunition are controlled goods in Canada and require the appropriate licensing to purchase and possess. If you are interested in obtaining a license, your first step is to take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Course availability can be found here. Click